How to get ‘Nearby’ best place’s suggestions in Cortana using Foursquare in Windows Phone 8.1


Cortana may not be available outside United States, yet, but this hasn’t stopped the software giant from bringing the ‘Nearby’ functionality to the personal voice-based digital assistant in Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana will now show you ‘Nearby’ suggestions for restaurants, food places and more.


Microsoft has added the ability to show nearby suggestions for restaurants, hotels, food places and other places near you which would be suggests using Foursquare powered suggestions. The feature will work all on devices across the world who have the Foursquare app installed and have configured Cortana to show you the nearby suggestions.

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Cortana is still limited to the US but, people around the world can use it by changing their region and language to US. Now, it seems you will also be able to use Cortana to get local suggestions based on your location.

I, on my brief test, was able to get suggestions for nearby food places like Café’s, Desert shops and shopping centers etc which were based on my foursquare data. Ofcourse, you will need to enable location settings and let the app use your location. But, using this feature is very helpful if you are person who wants to get best suggestions for restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and more depending on your location.

Foursquare based nearby suggestions are now live in Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1 and can be enabled by installing the ‘Foursquare’ app and then, configuring the Cortana to suggests nearby places by going to ‘Interests’ section.

So, will you be using Cortana to get best recommendations for places to visit?


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