Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone updated with option to select ‘enter’ key function


Facebook has released an update for its official Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone 8.1 which adds the ability to select what the ‘Enter’ key does once pressed. The update also adds the ability forward messages and photos to other people.


Previously, Facebook added the support for voice messages and emoticons. Now, another awesome feature is available which lets you select what the enter key on your Windows Phone’s keyboard does where you can either select it to send the message or add paragraph once pressed.

The change log of the Facebook Messenger app has got the following changes:

  • Select whether pressing the enter button sends the message or inserts a paragraph
  • Forward messages/photos from one conversation to another from some other conversation
  • Performance improvements

The update for Facebook Messenger is now available for download from Windows Store and would be installed automatically where it jumps the version to Otherwise, you may manually install the update by following instructions in this article.

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