Eyesight brings gesture controls to Windows 8, Mac, smartphones and TV’s


Eyesight has brought gesture controls to Windows 8, Mac OS, smartphones and even HD TV’s. You can scroll, tap, or open/close the apps/programs with just your gestures without any need to physically touch the device.

This awesome gesture control device has been named after its developer company’s name, eyesight. Eyesight is similar the SoundWave project by Microsoft research which also gives you the gesture controls on your Windows PC.

Eyesight has the following features:

  • Control the host device with your gestures
  • The gestures include scrolling, clicking, tapping, covering and wiping
  • All the work of gesture recognition is done by the front facing camera of your device (external cameras are also supported)
  • There is no need to change the coding of the OS as the gesture recognition is done by a company provided software


This awesome technology can be used by hardware manufacturers to integrate many new features in their devices including gesture control gaming etc. It is very similar to Kinect of Xbox which also uses your gestures to play games, search and scroll through libraries etc.

We hope to see this awesome technology in the future devices.

What do you think about that technology?

Source: Eyesight


Ahmad Wahid

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