Everything we need to know about Windows Phone 10 (Windows 10 on Phone) by Microsoft [Images]


Microsoft has finally unveiled the Windows 10 for all devices which means Windows 10 on Phones for all current Windows Phone 8.1 devices was also demoed.

Windows 10

Windows Phone 10 will be getting a whole lot of new features including an improved Action Center with expandable toggle switches which means you can access more quick action switches from your action bar. Simply swipe down and you will be able to access more switches.

Windows 10 Phone action center

Microsoft is finally bringing the background images of Start Screen to the Windows 10 on Phone which means you will be able to set images as background in Windows 10’s Start Screen instead of using images on tiles – Windows Phone 8.1 offers custom image to be used on tiles not, background. The tiles will also become transparent letting you see the background image.

Windows 10 on Phones is also getting inline notifications replies which means you will be able to reply to text messages right while playing a game by tapping the reply button in the pop-up notification. This will open the floating keyboard on top of your current app providing the option to reply to individual notifications.

Windows 10 Phone floating keyboard

Windows 10 on Phones is also getting new Settings app which will bring a new interface for Settings. You will be able to sort out settings in different manners as well as group them according to relevance – similar to Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 phone settings

Microsoft is also introducing new Office apps for Windows 10 on Phone where Microsoft will also include PowerPoint in the pre-installed apps along with Word and Excel. Expect more details about Office on Windows Phone 10 soon.

Office on Windows 10 for phone

Microsoft is also updating the Photos app of Windows Phone 10 which will be a universal app meaning you will see the same user experience on your Windows 10 on PC and phone. The app will get new features like automatic album creation and automatic enhancement which means your photos will get enhanced in brightness and red eyes, without your manual commands.

WIndows 10 photos app

Microsoft is also updating the People hub in Windows 10 where the Windows 10 will support better social integration and users will be able to sync data between PC and phone since the app is universal.

Microsoft will also add updated Calendar apps in Windows 10 on PC and Phone which means your events and reminders will get synced between your devices and you will also get similar interface on both.

Outlook apps on Windows 10 are also getting universal which means you won’t have to get separate email apps on your Windows Phone for Outlook and Gmail email accounts instead, you will be able to read all apps right from your Outlook email. The new Outlook app will be available on both Windows 10 on PC and Phone. You can swipe right to get the delete option in notifications center or Outlook or left swipe to flag the mail.

Windows 10 Outlook app

Windows 10 upgrade will be free for all current Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices which means you will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 upon its launch. For those of you wondering about a preview of Windows 10 on your Windows Phone might have to wait for a bit long as Microsoft has announced to release it in February 2015.

Images via: The Verge


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