How to enable ‘Dark Mode’ aka ‘High Contrast’ mode in Skype for Windows Phone 8.1


Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 recently got an update which adds the ability to enable dark mode on the popular video calling app of Windows Phone. The feature can prove to be very useful for people who want to use the app in dark situations where default (light) theme can provide to be too bright to see.


Dark Modes have always been very useful while trying to use your mobile phone devices in dark conditions and too bright or light themes can prove to be painful for your eyes.

Now, Microsoft has added a useful feature in the Skype for Windows Phone which will turn your Skype theme into dark one which makes it very easy to use Skype in dark. You just have to turn on this option from settings and your theme will convert to dark one.

Simply follow the instructions below to enable dark mode in Skype for Windows Phone 8.1.


  • Hoping you have installed the latest update for Skype on your Windows Phone 8.1. Open the app.
  • Once opened, press ‘’ on bottom right corner. Your menu will open.


  • Here press ‘Settings‘. Your settings will open.
  • Your ‘Settings’ will open. Here turn on the ‘High-contrast (dark)’ by moving the slider switch to right.
  • Skype will require a restart to enable high-contrast mode. Press ‘close Skype’ and Skype app will close.


  • Now, reopen the Skype app and your dark mode will be enabled.


  • That’s all!

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