How to Enable Aero Snap Feature in PC’s With Lower Resolution Using Windows 8 Developer Preview – Tutorial With Still Images and Video


Windows 8 supports aero snap feature just like Windows 7 in which you can use multiple apps side-by-side. The display screen is divided into many small screens and thus allowing the users to multi task easily.

Windows 8 like Windows 7 supports aero snap feature but in Windows 8 some features are different like Metro-UI. In Windows 8 users can use Metro-UI apps in parallel with the normal desktop apps. In normal when you go to desktop, Metro-UI apps are closed automatically.

This amazing feature is activated by default in Windows 8 but it is disabled in devices with resolutions less than 1336 x 780. Therefore normal users with lesser resolution cannot take advantage of this amazing snap feature.

There is always a solution of problem. So, here we present the solution. You can enable snap feature in Windows 8 by changing some values.

Just follow the steps below to enable Aero Snap feature in Windows 8 in just minutes.


  • Press ‘Windows + R’ button to launch ‘Run’ app.
  • Type in ‘regedit’ in the search box and press ‘ok’

  • Registry Editor will open in a pop-up windows
  • Navigate to


Tip: Go to ‘Edit’ menu and click ‘find’. In the find dialog box write down ‘AlwaysEnableLSSnapping’ and click ‘find next’

  • You would be taken to the AppPositioner tab. Open up ‘AlwaysEnableLSSnapping’

  • In the pop-up dialog box change the value from ‘0’ to ‘1’

  • Press ‘ok’
  • Now, restart your device and the Aero Snap Feature would be enabled.




For all those who can’t find the ‘AlwaysEnableLSSnapping’ file, use the below given file to enable Snap Feature:


  • Download the Aero Snap Enabler from here
  • Unzip the file
  • Run ‘Windows 8 Snap Enabler.exe’
  • Click ‘Enable Windows 8 Snap Feature’
  • Now, restart your PC and your Aero Snap feature would be enabled

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