Dropbox app coming soon for Windows Phone with integration in Office apps


Dropbox app for Windows 8 have been in the store even since the launch of Windows 8 back in 2012 but, the popular file sharing service was missing an app for Windows Phone devices. Now, the software giant, Microsoft have entered into a new partnership with Dropbox which will bring the official Dropbox app to Windows Phone as well as integrate Dropbox with Microsoft Office web apps.


Windows Phone has always been lacking in the presence of popular apps but, recently many new developers are making their way to Windows Phone with their apps.

Recently, many apps like Straw a new polling service launched Windows Phone app along with Android and iOS counterparts. Swarm the social checking app by Foursquare was also launched on all platforms including Windows Phone. Microsoft will also integrate the Dropbox in Office web apps where you would be able to share files directly to Dropbox from Office.

The launch of official Dropbox app on Windows Phone will be welcomed by many users but, it would be interesting to see how many users prefer to use Dropbox instead, of Microsoft’s own OneDrive service which comes pre-installed in Windows Phone.

The Dropbox app will be available for Windows Phone devices soon but, no exact date has been provided.

Source: Microsoft


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