Download the all-new Windows Phone region-based ringtones by Microsoft included from Lumia 535


Microsoft has already unveiled the first-ever Lumia Windows Phone branded with its own logo on front and back. Lumia 535 includes awesome features and the software giant has also included some new region-based ringtones in its first ever smartphone.


Lumia 535 comes with a couple of region-based ringtones which are made for the Chinese, Indian and African regions. Microsoft’s Henry Daw visited different areas in the regions of China, Africa and India where het met 150 music students. The 20 ringtones were selected as the final ones to be included in Lumia 535 and share with Windows Phone fans.

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The ringtones include different beats from these three regions, their local-trends are also included in the ringtones along with some local music from the countries in these regions. The album has been named ‘Sounds of the World ringtone’.

The ringtones are downloadable from the widget embedded after the break or you can download them directly from the sound cloud website where Microsoft team have uploaded all of them by using the source link.

Tip: You can follow the instructions in our tutorial on how to add additional ringtones to your Lumia Windows Phone.

Source: Lumia Conversations, SoundCloud


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