How to Disable Theme Changing in Windows 8


Disabling Themes selection in Windows 8 is very easy and takes just seconds. This tutorial would shows how to disable theme selection in Windows 8 without using any third party software.

Windows 8 despite its Metro-UI supports customization of desktop and all desktop apps. Users can change the color of their desktop apps, desktop wallpaper as well as transparency (Aero effects). Different aero themes are available on net which provide full customization.

You can disable theme changing, if you don’t want anyone to change your desktop personalization.

Just follow the instruction below and your theme selection would be disabled in seconds. There is also a tutorial video embedded at the end.


User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization

  • In personalization, open ‘Prevent changing theme’. (it should be second one from top)
  • A pop-up window would open. Select ‘Enabled’ and press ‘ok’
  • Now, go to personalization and your PC’s theme changing would be disabled.
  • That’s all

This tweak only changes the theme of desktop and all desktop apps. Metro-UI’s color can’t be changed in current Windows Developer Preview but, it would be supported in Windows 8 Beta which would be released for public in late February.


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