How to Disable Log-in/Password Prompt in Windows 8 Developers Preview – Step-by-Step Guide


Windows 8 developers Preview shows a log-in screen which like previous versions of Windows requires to select a users account to log-in to Windows. But, it is very time consuming and also you need to enter the password in-order to start using the normal functions of Windows.

We have got the solution for that problem! Given below is a guide and a video, which will help you to disable this selection and password prompt and you will be able to log-in without any required action.


  1. Type ‘Run’ in the Metro-UI of Windows 8 developer Preview


  1. Press ‘windows + R’ button
  2. If you followed first step, then ‘click/tap’ ‘Run’ from the apps section. If you followed 2nd step then your ‘Run’ app should appear automatically
  3. Now, in the ‘Run’ app, type in ‘netplwiz’ and press/tap ‘ok’
  4. A ‘User Accounts’ pop-up dialog box will open
  5. In the ‘Users’ tab, uncheck ‘Users must enter username and password to use this computer’.
  6. click ‘ok’.
  7. Restart you computer/tablet and you would be logged in without any password or selection prompt.
  8. That’s all!



Ahmad Wahid

Being a University student of computer, has developed keen interest in technology and like to test out the new gadgets. His interests include Social Networking as well.

  • Fantastic! But does one disable the login/password when it wakes from sleep mode? Cheers!

  • Mdupert

    I have done this TWICE and it still ask me to use the password every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    •  @ Mdupert are you using multiple accounts to login???? If yes, then this tricks won’t work….

  • Sueji

    When I tried this it forced me to create a guest account, but still requires a sign in when rebooting.  Also, there was no option to remove the “password protected” status from my login in the Ctrl Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts screen.  I don’t know if its not an option because this is an admin account but it bites. :/

  • thanks. the video was painfully slow, but got the job done.

  • Lynn

    The box you click on to disable user and pw doesn’t work. It has been blank since I bought computer, now what!!

  • Jane

    I followed the instructions, everything worked great, no password needed now, what a relief! Thanks.

  • Austin

    why does windows 8 have to be so complicated and user unfriendly? Who here remembers when windows could do what you want? Remember when you didn’t have to consult an online forum to do something as mundane as disabling a password?

    • Almark

      Because it’s programmed by foreigners. I remember the days when everything was made in the USA. It’s like with other countries people think differently, they just do things different. It seems that windows wanted to go the route of tablets but that technology will be less important in a 10 year period. If people who are actually computer savvy can’t operate in their own computers how much worse is it for the beginner, it’s no wonder windows 8 didn’t sell, it’s a failure, sad but true.

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  • revolva

    I disabled the password prompt and everything you said to do I did. Previously it worked a charm and I could use the pc without having to type in my password every time, but then a few days ago it just turned itself back on automatically. I checked the user account box and the “user must enter password” box is still unchecked, meaning it’s still supposed to be turned off, so why is it back and demanding that I enter password every time I turn on the p.c? This is really annoying! Can anyone help me???