Windows 8 developers Preview shows a log-in screen which like previous versions of Windows requires to select a users account to log-in to Windows. But, it is very time consuming and also you need to enter the password in-order to start using the normal functions of Windows.

We have got the solution for that problem! Given below is a guide and a video, which will help you to disable this selection and password prompt and you will be able to log-in without any required action.


  1. Type ‘Run’ in the Metro-UI of Windows 8 developer Preview


  1. Press ‘windows + R’ button
  2. If you followed first step, then ‘click/tap’ ‘Run’ from the apps section. If you followed 2nd step then your ‘Run’ app should appear automatically
  3. Now, in the ‘Run’ app, type in ‘netplwiz’ and press/tap ‘ok’
  4. A ‘User Accounts’ pop-up dialog box will open
  5. In the ‘Users’ tab, uncheck ‘Users must enter username and password to use this computer’.
  6. click ‘ok’.
  7. Restart you computer/tablet and you would be logged in without any password or selection prompt.
  8. That’s all!

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  • John

    Fantastic! But does one disable the login/password when it wakes from sleep mode? Cheers!

  • Mdupert

    I have done this TWICE and it still ask me to use the password every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ahmad

       @ Mdupert are you using multiple accounts to login???? If yes, then this tricks won’t work….

  • Sueji

    When I tried this it forced me to create a guest account, but still requires a sign in when rebooting.  Also, there was no option to remove the “password protected” status from my login in the Ctrl Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts screen.  I don’t know if its not an option because this is an admin account but it bites. :/

  • Orion Evony

    thanks. the video was painfully slow, but got the job done.

  • Lynn

    The box you click on to disable user and pw doesn’t work. It has been blank since I bought computer, now what!!

  • Jane

    I followed the instructions, everything worked great, no password needed now, what a relief! Thanks.