Different Windows Explorer Concepts for Windows 8 – Images & Video


Windows 8 has got the same explorer style as Windows 7 with some minor tweaks like enlargement of icons for touch displays and status bar replacement but, the overall explorer looks similar to that of Windows 7. The explorer of Windows 8 doesn’t quite match with the overall flattened and Metrofied look of Metro-UI and different Metro Apps. There are many concept images which show the explorer with Metro look and the icons, buttons and bars have also been Metrofied.

Let’s take a look at the images one by one.


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This image was posted on WinUneaked which shows the Metrofied Explorer for Windows 8. This explorer looks very nice and the buttons and icons match with the Metro buttons of Windows 8.

This image also look similar to the latest desktop image in which the aero has been removed.


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The above image was posted on Neowin forums showing the new Explorer look. The placement is same but, the visual style has been changed with a bold look.


The last concept design for Windows Explorer is not an image but, it’s a video where a developer has made an app showing the concept design of Metro Explorer.


This new design is very impressive and looks similar to the sMedio TrueLink+ app which opens up the Windows Library from your computer to play videos, audio and images.

The above images are just awesome and I would like any one of the first and last design as my Explorer in Windows 8.

What design do you like the most? Share your thoughts using the comments system below and if you have a design which you want to share with us, you may use our Tips Us page.


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