Deal Alert: Get these 9 Disney games worth $17 for FREE from Windows Phone 8.1 Store


Own a Windows Phone and looking for special deals to get some amazing games for your kids? You’re at right place! 9 of the popular Disney games are being offered for free in Windows Store for the next week.


The games costs more than $17 in regular intervals but, this FREE offer will let you download and install them completely free of cost. The offer includes popular games like Temple Run: OZ, Where’s my Water etc.

These games are being offered for free (press the links to download):

  1. Where’s my Perry
  2. Where’s my Water
  3. Temple Run: Oz
  4. Temple Run: Brave
  5. Disney Solitaire
  6. Where’s my Water Featuring XYY
  7. Lost Light
  8. Disney Checkout Challenge
  9. Where’s my Mickey

It is to be noted that the above offer is for limited time and will end on June 17, 2015 so, act quickly and get yourself these awesome and fun-to-play games.

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