Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1 is coming to more countries like US, China, Australia, Canada and India


Microsoft has already announced the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 which will introduces a couple of new features including the Live app folders and more enhanced security. Microsoft is also launching Cortana, the digital voice-based personal assistant for Windows Phone 8.1, in more countries including United Kingdom (UK), China, Canada, Australia and India.


Cortana is currently available for the users in US but, you can also get it by changing your region and language to US. Now, users in UK and China will be able to get their hands on to the Cortana in their native language without the need to change your region or language.

Cortana will be launching in UK and China as beta where, both countries will get the support for their native languages and localized content. For users in UK, they will be able to get their localized British English accent where Cortana will be able to understand you. The search results and the language will be displayed in British English as well.

For users in China, they will also get personalized results including the nickname ‘Xiao Na’ which has been given to the Cortana. The Cortana will work with Chinese accent and understand your Chinese as well as display results in your local language. Cortana will still be able to do particular tasks like notebook entries, track your routine and what you do on the internet and/or on your phone to help you in getting more personalized results.

Cortana in China will also get special visual changes including animations and sounds and the voice assistant also supports Chinese (Mandarin) for voice, text and speech options.

Cortana will be available for the people in UK and China with the release of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 whereas, people living in Australia, Canada and India will be able to use Cortana after opting in the alpha program where, English will be their primary language to use Cortana.

Source: Windows Phone Blog


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