Cortana alpha on Windows Phone Developer Preview is now coming to France, Italy, Germany and Spain after an update


Cortana, the personal voice-based digital-assistant on Windows Phone 8.1 is already available in US as beta and in UK, China and India as alpha. Now, the Microsoft is launching Cortana alpha for users living in the France, Italy, Germany and Spain.


Cortana alpha will function in the these countries in their native language but, most of the location-based events will be used by Cortana like event tracking, league updates, local news, traffic conditions and weather etc.

Microsoft is saying that some of the features like flight tracking won’t be available initially and transit data is also available for big cities only in these regions but, Microsoft says more features would be available soon.

Additional reference data like the ‘what’s the height of mount Everest’ won’t work as well but, local league details like the Football club tracking e.g. Popular football club, FC Barcelona and LaLiga series would be tracked by Cortana.

Cortana will be available as alpha in the France, Italy, Germany and Spain for Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview users which would be getting an update soon to enable more languages for Cortana.

You can follow instructions in this article to enroll in the Developer Preview program using your Windows Phone 8.1 device.

Source: Blogging Windows


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