A Complete Round Up of All the Features To be Included in Windows 8 Consumer Preview


The next version of Windows 8 technically speaking beta but, officially code named as Windows 8 Consumer Preview would be released on February 29. There would be many changes made in Windows 8 Consumer Preview and many new features would be included in it which were not available in previous release of Windows 8 code named as Developer Preview.

Since, the release of Windows Developer Preview, many rumors/leaks are coming and Microsoft is also officially announcing some features which would be included in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Here is list of all the features, rumors or leaks (sorted by date) about Windows 8 which would be included in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

  1. Optimize the performance of your PC by using Logical Processors
  2. Newly designed Task Manager
  3. Metro-UI background changer would be included in Windows 8 Beta
  4. Windows 8’s bootkit hacked by a security analyst 
  5. Installation method of Windows 8 Changed
  6. Windows 8 Won’t restart Until you Choose to, after installing Updates
  7. Online upgrade facility revealed for Windows 8
  8. Demo video of first Windows 8 bootkit
  9. Test Drive for Internet Explorer 10 updated with support for Windows Developer Preview
  10. Images of new file system named Refs
  11. Availability of Metro Style apps only through Windows Store
  12. Images of auto update feature of desktop Internet Explorer 10
  13. Closing of Metro-Style apps in just a swipe of finger
  14. Images of Windows 8 Build 8165 shows improvements in Metro-UI
  15. Details about Windows Store shared by Microsoft
  16.  Microsoft confirmed the availability of Windows 8 Beta in late February
  17. Images of storage space featured of Windows 8
  18. Windows Store official blog launched
  19. Images of Metro Style media player leaked
  20. Microsoft can kill the Metro Style app downloaded from Windows Store anytime without notice 
  21. Refs File System would be Available Only in Windows Server 8
  22. Images of New Aero Lite theme with aero buttons
  23. Images of Semantic Zoon in Windows Store
  24. Theme Selection during Installation
  25. Picture password explained by Microsoft
  26. Images of resizable touch keyboard
  27. Chitika reported declining of Windows 8 activities
  28. Images of improved Metro Control Panel and Explorer Ribbon hidden by default
  29. Images of download manger in Windows Store
  30. Images of changes made in Login Screen
  31. Open source apps to be allowed in Windows Store
  32. First smartphone powered by Windows 8 released
  33. Road map of Windows 8 Beta Leaked
  34. Android apps would be playable on Windows 8 using BlueStacks
  35. Windows 8 to get new & improved reset and refresh options 
  36. Cut the Rope to come as Metro Style app in Windows 8
  37. Refs file system showed in action in Windows Server 8
  38. Hardware requirements shared by Microsoft
  39. Skype to arrive as a Metro-Style apps
  40. Microsoft shared details about Windows Store
  41. Semantic Zoom to be Available in touch and non-touch devices
  42. Next version of Windows 8 to be named as Consumer Preview
  43. Sensors in Windows 8 detailed by Microsoft
  44. Swipe Gestures also supported for mouse users
  45. Wireless networks in Windows 8 Detailed by Microsoft
  46. Windows Explorer changes reviewed by Microsoft
  47. No plugins supported in Metro Style Internet Explorer
  48. Microsoft calling build 8220 as Consumer Preview
  49. Microsoft started teasing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Bing
  50. Start button removed from taskbar of Windows 8
  51. Windows Store’s games unveiled
  52. Windows 8 on ARM devices would support desktop apps along with Metro ones
  53. Office 15 showed in Microsoft Video
  54. List of 10 pre-installed Metro Style apps
  55. Comparison between Windows 8 x86/64 and Windows 8 ARM

These were all the rumors, news and other known features which would be included in Windows 8 Consumer Preview when it is released for public on February 29th.

We will keep you updated with all the latest news, rumors and other updates about Windows 8 and Microsoft.


Ahmad Wahid

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