How to Change Measure Unit From Fahrenheit to Celsius in Weather Metro App in Windows 8 Developer Preview


Windows 8 contains a weather app which shows current situation of Weather of the location. but, unfortunately the app displays the results in Fahrenheit which is the default unit in US and some European Countries, but many people who are not familiar with Fahrenheit or often use Celsius cannot understand Fahrenheit and converting can be very annoying.

You can change the unit of the weather app right from the app itself. You just need to select Celsius from the settings.

Follow the instructions below and your weather would show the weather forecast in degree Fahrenheit.


  • Open up the weather app from the Metro-UI
  • Press ‘Win + C’ or simply navigate to the left bottom of the screen to open up the mini start menu also known as ‘Charm’
  • Click ‘settings’, a notifications bar would pop-up from right side

  • Click ‘weather preferences’

  • Now, choose ‘Celsius’

  • And your weather app unit would be changed to ‘Celsius’ from ‘Fahrenheit’

That’s all…….Pretty Easy!..


Ahmad Wahid

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  • Thanks! This was very useful.
    By the way: the Fahrenheit scale is no longer the default in any European country, only in the USA, the Cayman Islands and Belize.