How to Change Lock Screen Image in Windows 8 Developer Preview


Want to know how the default lock screen image of Winodws 8 Developer Preview can be changed?

Windows 8 has a lock screen which shows your notifications and the current networks your PC/Tablet is currently connected to. By default, there is a image which is not very attractive for some users.

Well, that image can be changed very easily. Here is how to do that:

Just follow the steps below and you would change your image in just seconds or you can watch the video at the end to see graphically.

  1. First of all go to Metro-UI also known as Start menu
  2. You would see a name of person, on whose the PC/Tablet is registered. Click it
  3. A drop down menu will open showing probably four options
  4. Click ‘Change User Tile’
  5. Now you would be taken to full screen control panel which is another new feature of Windows 8. In the personalization tab, click ‘Lock Screen’
  6. Now, you would see the default lock screen thumbnail in large size and other available images in small thumbnails
  7. Click the desired image and you image would be changed
  8. You can also browse your computer for more images and also select them  from anywhere on your PC/Tablet
  9. After choosing, log-off and your lock screen would be changed to the image you selected.
  10. You are done.



Stay Tuned for more tips & tweaks about Windows 8.

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