You can now ask Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1 to sing a Christmas song and other related questions


The Christmas and holiday season is just around the corner and people are gearing up to celebrate the winter holidays in form of Christmas and New Year. Microsoft has also added some new features in the Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1 which lets you ask her to sing Christmas songs for you and she can also answer other Holiday related questions.


Cortana, the personal voice-based digital voice assistant on Windows Phone 8.1 devices is able to perform a lot of awesome stuff like suggest your nearby places, sing songs for you, identify music for you, help you take decisions by rolling a dice or flipping coins and much more. You can even ask Cortana to give you meanings of different words.

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Now, you will be able to ask Cortana to sing Christmas songs for you as well as ask her other Christmas related songs like ‘where is Santa?’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ where Cortana will reply you with the appropriate answers. She can even sing Christmas songs like the most-popular one Jingle Bells.


You can ask Cortana the following questions:

  1. Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas
  2. Where is Santa
  3. Sing me a Christmas song
  4. Do you like Christmas?
  5. What do you want for Christmas?


Cortana will give you funny responses to the above queries as seen in the screenshot above where Cortana replied with ‘Three French hens’ for the question of ‘What do you want for Christmas?’.

Cortana can also perform a lot of other awesome tricks like impersonations. Be sure to visit our Cortana section for complete coverage of Cortana.

Via: Windows Central


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