‘Call of Duty: Heroes’ lands in Store to bring strategy based commanding with online multi-player


Call of Duty franchise has finally got the first and awesome game strategy based game in Windows Store for Windows 8.1 where you get to command an army and progress to attack other players in a campaign based game.


Call of Duty: Heroes is the first game for Windows 8.1 from the Call of Duty franchise and the game isn’t a first person shooting game but, you get to command a whole army in battle. Developed by Activision, this awesome game is one of the best strategy based battle games for Windows 8.1.


You get to play the game by making your army powerful by creating units including heroes, soldiers and robots. You also can create tanks, hover crafts, air crafts and fixed units to offend and defend your base.


You have to build new buildings like command center, barracks, military training and weapons factory to build new units. You have to research to upgrade your weapons and unit capabilities. You also have to build gold and oil pits to collect them gold, old and other valuables which are used to build new units.


Once you have created your army, you can choose to play in the campaign where you get to visit around the world to attack your enemies. You have the option to deploy your units on the desired positions while playing and you can also choose to get air strikes or missile attacks on the enemy base. Calling for Air Strikes brings you to the back of the Gunship helicopters’ mini gun to attack enemy units and base.


The game also allows you to search and join alliances around the world where other people are playing the game and you can join any of them. Joining an alliance lets you get support from your alliances and you can also chat with them.


Call of Duty: Heroes is a must have game for strategy-based gamer lovers but, you will need to have an active internet connection for the game to work. The game also download some of the data when you launch it for the first time.


Call of Duty Heroes is now available for download from Store for free and has a download size of just 40.2MB. People using the ARM based devices like the Surface RT and Surface 2 with Windows RT would be left behind since it doesn’t support Windows RT yet.

Download Call of Duty Heroes


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