This app by Microsoft lets you share news from Windows Phone based on location


Microsoft has released yet another experimental app for Windows Phone which lets you share news and events with your friends by using your location. People around you can also read you shared news and interact with it by searching it on map.


The app named Social News by Microsoft is basically the news sharing app for Windows Phone focused on sharing geographically. You can use this app to share news and people around you can search for it, read it and comment on it.

This awesome app downloadable from the link below can be used to share an event from specific location with the other people in that area like some specific party which you want to share with other people. Simply post the titles, describe the details, add category, add tags and publish it. People around that area will see the news on the map and can read it.

Social News is available for download from Store for free and has a download size of just 6MB. It can work on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1.

Download Social News beta

Social News WP


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