Alleged leaked screenshot shows the all-new Spartan browser by Microsoft in Windows 10 [Image]


A new screenshot has leaked onto the web which allegedly shows the Spartan browser from Windows 10. Spartan would be the codename of the next all-new version of browser by Microsoft designed specifically for better browsing experience and will include extension and plugin support making it very much similar to Firefox and Chrome on Windows.

Spartan browser from Windows 10 by Microsoft

We know that Microsoft will be releasing two new browsers in Windows 10 where, Internet Explorer 12 would be part of it but, the other one would be entering the Windows environment for the first time. Codenamed ‘Spartan’, this browser aims to make Internet Explorer very much similar to rivals, the Firefox and Chrome without compromising the experience of popular Internet Explorer.

The screenshot leaked by BGR, from an unnamed source, claims to show the new Spartan browser from Windows 10 with a flat look similar to the interface of Windows 10 and features just the address bar in row with Settings, Home and Favorites icons beside. Another row of quick control seems to show the favorites or some kind of quick launch for websites – these will surely won’t look like this since, they are covering the’s navigation bar.

Seen in the screenshot is the beta version of Spartan on Windows 10 which means the final version might look completely different with updated elements but, this makes us wonder what other features would be part of Spartan upon launch.

BGR also claims Spartan to have voice integration for commands like ‘open’ or ‘add to favorites’ but, we will assume these features to be integrated with Cortana where you can launch Cortana to give such commands.

Spartan will also be the first ever browser to be able to run other browsers within its own window which means you will be able to look on how our blogs,, looks like on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari with a click of a button. Ofcourse, you will need to have the other browsers installed in-order to use that feature but, this might be useful for compatibility for different websites. With a click of a button, the screen in Spartan will divide into multiple screens to show a different browser in each.

Spartan in its current form seems interesting to use and it would be amazing to use along with Internet Explorer 12 in Windows 10. You might be wondering why we need two different browsers in Windows 10 and the answer is backward compatibility where you will need IE for opening older websites and vice versa.

There is no confirmation whether Spartan would be making its way to the Windows 10 Consumer Preview or Microsoft may call it Windows 10 January Preview which would be unveiled and launched after the January 21 event by Microsoft.

Source: BGR


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