Adobe Photoshop Express app for Windows 8/RT lands in Store – Hands on [Video]


We may have seen many awesome apps in Store which can do editing and add cool things but, now, the popular and well-known photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop is available as a Windows 8/RT app in Store. This awesome app brings the capabilities of Photoshop on desktop to the Modern-UI of Windows 8 with the power of touch.

Adobe Photoshop Express app for Windows 8/RT lands in Store – Hands on [Video]

Named as the ‘Adobe Photoshop Express’, this cool photo editing app brings most of the editing tools to the Windows 8. Basic editing like cropping, rotating, straightening, and flipping can be done from this app.

All the adjustments in this app are don’t through sliders which can be moved to make changes and adjustments which is much easier on touch device as well as on desktop with mouse and keyboard.

Advanced corrections:

But, it doesn’t provide just these basic tools but, advanced tools like contrasts, exposure, and white balance controls are also available and best of all, the option of auto correct is there which makes your photos prefect like they should be.

Adobe Photoshop Express app for Windows 8/RT lands in Store

You can always compare your edited photo to the original one and see which one looks better and if, you aren’t satisfied with the editing you did, you can revert back to original one by pressing the reset button.

Noise reductions:

One of the most unique feature in this app is the noise deduction feature which probably can only be found in Photoshop Express for Windows 8/RT. You can reduce the noise on your photos by using the slider switches.

Adobe Photoshop Express app for Windows 8/RT lands in Store

But, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the noise reduction tool for free instead, you will have to pay $4.99 in the form of in-app purchase to avail the option to save images. Good news is that you can always test the noise reduction feature by applying it to your photos but, you won’t get the option to save changes before buying.

Red Eye Removal:

Adobe Photoshop Express app for Windows 8/RT also comes with the option to remove red eyes from your Photos which means you will be able to reduce red eyes on photos taken in dark conditions and still, you won’t look like a robot with light within eyes.

Auto Fix:

You can also use the auto fix option in the app which will make all necessary adjustments in the photos right by itself. I used the auto fix feature on many photos and most of the times, it made the photos even better.

Adobe Photoshop Express app for Windows 8/RT lands in Store

You can check out the Auto fix feature’s results in the photo above which has only been edited with Photoshop Express app by just using the Auto Fix option except watermark which was added in Photoshop for desktop.

Looks (filters):

Adobe Photoshop Express app for Windows 8/RT lands in Store

You can also add different looks aka filters to your photos to make them look cool. You can choose from 20 different free looks which include many well-known filters. You also get the option to use premium looks which include many more awesome filters but, each filter costs $2.99 but, good news is that you can apply them to photos to see how they look before purchasing and getting the option to save changes.

Save & Share:

Adobe Photoshop Express app for Windows 8/RT lands in Store

Photoshop Express also gives you the ability to save your edited photos to different locations like local hard drive, SkyDrive or other supported storage apps. You can also share the edited photos to different apps like Twitter, Mail, People and others. The option to save and share images to Revel which brings all your saved photos across all devices like Windows 8 tablets, mobile devices and other supported platforms is also there.

Bottom Line:

We have seen hundreds of different photos editing apps in Store which can perform all kinds of editing but, Photoshop has become the best one yet thanks to its awesome free of cost features. Although, it includes just few features of the original app from desktop and you won’t get the options like layers and many important options but, still it is nice and is a must try app. After all, what more can be expected from a free app especially on a new platform like Windows 8?

You can check out the Adobe Photoshop Express app in action in the video below.


Availability and Pricing:

Adobe Photoshop Express app is now available in Store for download and doesn’t cost a dime to download and to enjoy awesome photo editing. But, you will have to pay for the extra services in the app like premium looks and noise reduction features.

You can download Adobe Photoshop Express app from the link below:


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