How to add additional custom ringtones and alerts to Windows Phone 8.1 easily


Windows Phone 8.1 and specifically the Lumia Windows Phones by Microsoft formerly Nokia are awesome. Although, there are dozens of tones available in Windows Phone to be used as ringtones as well as alerts but, people are always looking for a way to add more awesome tones to their devices.


Adding new ringtones to your PC is very easy and it takes seconds to add additional ringtones and alerts to your Windows Phone devices. We will be telling you the easiest way to add more tones to your Windows Phone device. The instructions below will let you add more ringtones to your Windows Phone.

Before proceeding to the instructions, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be able to connect your Windows Phone device with your PC through a data cable.
  • You must have downloaded some custom tones to your PC which you want to transfer to your phone.

Now, let’s proceed to the instructions.


  • First of all, connect your Windows Phone to your PC via USB cable. It should appear as devices in the Computer.

Tip: If you are connecting your Windows Phone for the first to PC then, it might take few seconds to appear since your Windows Phone will install drivers first.

  • Once it has appeared, go to the internal memory of your phone. It will be named ‘Phone’. Then, open the ‘Ringtones’ folder.


  • Here copy the tones you want to add to your Windows Phone in ‘Ringtones‘ folder.
  • You may disconnect your phone from PC.
  • Now, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘ringtones+sounds’ in Windows Phone.
  • Here you will see the newly added tones under ‘Custom’ section. You can use any tone as ringtone or alert.
  • That’s all!

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Ahmad Wahid

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