Leaked Windows 8 ISOs were activated few days ago using the key management service (KMS) server activation method but, yesterday, the servers went down and no further activations were being allowed. The serves are still down but, worse than that can happen. Microsoft can block your Microsoft Account if, you activated the Windows 8 RTM using KMS Server.

The activation of Windows 8 RTM is done through a KMS Server which is located somewhere in the world. While trying to activate, the host computer send its details to the server along with the activation key and that’s what was done in current Windows 8 RTM activation method. Also, the activation would expire after 180 days.

Well, the activation server went down yesterday, since then no one can activate Windows 8 RTM and they would get the following message:

Error: 0xC004F074 The Software Licensing Service reported that the computer could not be activated. No Key Management Service (KMS) could be contacted. Please see the Application Event Log for additional information.

I also activated the Windows 8 Professional RTM SKU using the same method which was being used by everyone. The activated copy of Windows 8 was working fine until the servers went down and so our PC crashed. We got an error message that Windows can’t be activated due to server issues and then, the PC restarted and went to repair mode. After repairing, we logged into Windows 8 and then, the blue screen showed the above message and after that, the repair started again and then, we were not able to see the Windows 8 Start Screen. The PC kept going to repair mode and then restart and then repair and so on.

The main risk is the Microsoft can view the account being used on the activated Windows 8 RTM when a user accesses the Windows Store, signs into the Microsoft Account or use some apps. Technically speaking, Microsoft knows everything what we search or download from Store or apps. If, Microsoft comes to know that a specific user or a group of people are using the same KMS Server activation method then, the software giant has the authority to block the Microsoft accounts being used on those PC’s.

Rafael Rivera, the author of Windows 8 Secrets and also the administrator of also suggested in a Tweet not to activate the Windows 8 RTM if, one values his/her Microsoft Account.

Since, our crash of Windows 8 RTM PC, we installed the Windows 8 pro again and haven’t activated it and the PC is running fine for the last 15 hours except the notification of Windows activation which pops up every three hours.

Bottom line

We recommend you to take precautions and don’t activate using the KMS server activation method for Windows 8 RTM if, you love your Microsoft account and don’t want it to be blocked.


After seeing a lot of people talking about PC crash being a random problem not KMS related, we suggest you to use a local account instead of your Microsoft account if, you want to activate leaked Windows 8 RTM. Also, we are not putting a gun to your head to stop using Microsoft account. Its your choice and always will be.

But, better safe than sorry.

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  • ody81

    Hmmmmm. What if you don’t sign in a Microsoft account?

    • Ahmad

      Then, you are safe…

  • ion.corbu

    personally I activated w/ a fake account. After the activation I switched to my own account. On the desktop didn’t switch and the account is ok, also the system…no crashes. Shall I worry about something?

    • Ahmad

      Good, if you activated with fake account but, bad, if you switched to your personal account.

  • prougeri

    фак ю. пидор майкросовтовский

    • Ahmad

      English please!

  • Harkunwar Singh Kochar

    I have the enterprise version and I want to activate it

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  • Steven

    I’m not using market or another unuseful apps in my win 8, so I think I’ll make an activation via KMS when it will be online. Hope the good activation crack without KMS will be soon (something like a win 7 bios activation and so on)!

    • Elecktrickpoo

      My fear is that MS had figured out the master activation Keys for the KMS servers and disabled them, making us wait for RTM

  • dms2012

    your activation info is not related to your account.

  • germany

    I turned to the old activator of view by inserting the key of 8 per me activate without going on the internet without expiration incredible!

    • vikky

      but how

  • Divan Millert

    someone help me please. Activate windows Enterprise Build 9200… my FB: divan millert

    • Ahmad

      No personal information!…………Do you have the activation key? If, yes then activation is easy and if not, then its very difficult and we won’t provide the solution here.

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  • XD_freya

    where you get the information??

  • naz

    what will happen if did not activate the windows 8?

    • Ahmad Wahid

      if, you don’t activate Windows 8 then, you won’t be able to customize Windows from PC Settings and settings like Start Screen background, Lock Screen images etc would be locked.

      • naz

        but the windows still can use or not? or will be crash?

        • Ahmad Wahid

          Yes, you can use Windows 8 but, you would get notification to activate after every 3 hours.

          • naz

            ohh.. ok.. thankz.. really helpful..~ ^_^

          • Ahmad Wahid

            You’re welcome!

  • Dado

    can someone help me ? i install windows 8, and when i wanna activate it, it says: “Windows cant be activated right now. Try activate windows later ….. “