• ody81

    Hmmmmm. What if you don’t sign in a Microsoft account?

    • Then, you are safe…

  • ion.corbu

    personally I activated w/ a fake account. After the activation I switched to my own account. On the desktop didn’t switch and the account is ok, also the system…no crashes. Shall I worry about something?

    • Good, if you activated with fake account but, bad, if you switched to your personal account.

  • prougeri

    фак ю. пидор майкросовтовский

  • I have the enterprise version and I want to activate it

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  • Steven

    I’m not using market or another unuseful apps in my win 8, so I think I’ll make an activation via KMS when it will be online. Hope the good activation crack without KMS will be soon (something like a win 7 bios activation and so on)!

    • Elecktrickpoo

      My fear is that MS had figured out the master activation Keys for the KMS servers and disabled them, making us wait for RTM

  • dms2012

    your activation info is not related to your account.

  • germany

    I turned to the old activator of view by inserting the key of 8 per me activate without going on the internet without expiration incredible!

    • vikky

      but how

  • someone help me please. Activate windows Enterprise Build 9200… my FB: divan millert

    • No personal information!…………Do you have the activation key? If, yes then activation is easy and if not, then its very difficult and we won’t provide the solution here.

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  • XD_freya

    where you get the information??

  • naz

    what will happen if did not activate the windows 8?

    • if, you don’t activate Windows 8 then, you won’t be able to customize Windows from PC Settings and settings like Start Screen background, Lock Screen images etc would be locked.

      • naz

        but the windows still can use or not? or will be crash?

        • Yes, you can use Windows 8 but, you would get notification to activate after every 3 hours.

          • naz

            ohh.. ok.. thankz.. really helpful..~ ^_^

          • You’re welcome!

  • Dado

    can someone help me ? i install windows 8, and when i wanna activate it, it says: “Windows cant be activated right now. Try activate windows later ….. “