5 best and must play Windows 8/RT games to play on your new devices


Did you bought a new Windows 8/RT powered tablet, laptop or desktop and want to get started with the latest and best games for Windows 8. Do you have a touch screen PC or use mouse and keyboard? Want to play games on your newly bought Windows 8 PC? Here are the 5 best and must play games for Windows 8/RT which you will surely love and have fun playing.

Windows Store for Windows 8 has more than 35,000 apps but, that doesn’t mean all of them are worth installing. Also, searching for good apps in Store can be a disaster when you have a lot of apps to select from but, don’t worry we are here to help you.

Below are the 5 best yet must play games for Windows 8/RT which will take your adrenaline to a new height.

1- Hyrdo Thunder Hurricane:

Hydro Thunder Hurricane for Windows 8/RT

This awesome boat racing game is probably the best one in Store. You have to race your boat to the finish line to win the race but, the race is not that simple. You have to compete with other boats, dodge the obstacles and police to reach the finish line. There are some bombs on the water track also which would send your boat flying high in the air.

You get extra power boost during games and you can select from dozens of awesome boats which are better than one and other. You also get to play on different levels like single player, championship mode and gauntlet. You can also compete with other players using Xbox integration. Xbox integration will give you achievements in the form of new boat and track unlocks.

This awesome games comes for free with limited boats and tracks but, you can always buy the full version to unlock dozens of boats, tracks and hundreds of levels. Hydro Thunder Hurricane in available for download from the link below.

2- Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja for Windows 8/RT

The popular fruit slicing game for mobile devices is now available for Windows 8/RT in Store. With special touch support, this awesome game has become more fun to play with the Xbox live integration. You have to slice fruits to score points.  The fruits include Mango, Apple, Melons, Strawberry’s, Peach and many more which you have to slice. Slice more fruit together and you will score extra points.

But, beware of the bombs in fruits which destroy everything on the screen. You get different special gameplay modes like Frenzy, Freeze and Double points which lets you score extra points. You have three different game play modes including the Arcade, Classic and Zen Mode where each offers different gameplay levels and experience.

You can also customize your swords and background by earning points. Earn a specific number of points and you will unlock some achievement in the game thanks to Xbox. There are some smoothies in game as well to help ease the gameplay. Fruit Ninja is available for download from Store for free. You can download Fruit Ninja from the link below.

3- Treasure of Montezuma 3:

Treasures of Montezuma 3 for Windows 8

This awesome puzzle game will help you pass the free and boring time and you won’t be able to keep track of you time while playing this game. You will invade the treasures of Montezuma in this awesome game and you have to match three or more same color stones horizontally, vertically, in left or right side and you will get points but, you just have 1 minute to play on each level. You have to pass through different levels on treasures to pass and you have to get a specific amount of points to get to the next level.

You get different special powers in the game play like exploding stones, lightening stones and extra time. You get stars at the end of each level which lets you bring special powers for gameplay where you can get special tokens to destroy, changing or replacing stones.

This awesome game is a bit thinking one but, when you start playing it then, it is impossible to stop playing. You will have to get a special will power to stop playing this game due to its awesome gameplay levels and graphics.

Treasures of Montezuma 3 is available from Store for download for free. You can download this awesome game by using the link below.

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