3DMark, the benchmarking tool with Windows 8 support is now available for download


We have finally the Windows 8 support on 3DMark benchmarking tool for Windows 8 and the software is now available for download. You will now be able to bench mark your gaming PC’s even those who are running Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista.

3DMark for Windows 8

Futurmark, the developer tool of 3DMark has finally released the Windows 8 supported version of benchmarking tools. The tools not only comes with Windows 8 support but, advanced testing features have also been released. You can also compare your results with other PCs online.

There are three different types of tests for your graphics card testing including the FireStrike, CloudGate and IceStorm for mobile devices and low end Windows devices..

The FireStrike has been developed for high end PCs with high performances and running DirectX11 while CloudGate is for notebooks running DirectX 10. IceStorm has been developed for DirectX9 based devices including Android and iOS.

The benchmarking tool with all three tests can be downloaded for free from here but, the advanced version of 3DMark with individual testing features cost $299. The professional version of 3DMark can be bought for whooping $995 in which you will have the options of image quality tool, private review results and command line automation.

The basic 3DMark tools is available for download for free on some sites like MSI and Galaxy but, Steam and others are offering 25% off for 1 week.

Source: Futuremark


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