3 top and best Facebook client apps for Windows 8/RT in Store to use all features


Windows 8/RT has been in the market for about two and a half months now but, still we don’t have an official Facebook app for Windows 8. This lack of Facebook app for Windows 8 makes the new OS by Microsoft a bit difficult to use as people like me can’t connect to their friends on Facebook despite the awesome sharing and productivity capabilities of Windows 8.

We may not an official app for Windows 8 and there is still no news whether it’s coming or not but, third party developers are doing an awesome job by introducing more and more amazing yet easy to use Facebook client apps for Windows 8. Till date, there are dozens of Windows 8 apps available in Store but, not all of them are good in features.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered with the 3 best and full feature Facebook client apps for Windows 8/RT which won’t let you feel the need to have an official Facebook app. These three apps have been selective after using almost all the available apps in Store and they have made to the top 3 list due to their features and interface.

1-      Facebook Touch

Facebook Touch app for Windows 8

This app has made the top of all Facebook client apps in Store due to the number of features it offers. As the name suggests, it has been designed specifically for touch screen devices but, it works pretty good with a mouse and keyboard. It also has a good interface. You will find almost all the features of Facebook which can be found on an official Facebook app for other platforms.

You can view the newsfeed by your friends and pages you like, comment/like the posts and add new status updates and photos. You can also use the pages you admin and post on their behalf and the option to visit groups is also there. The app also lets you chat with your Facebook friends and the option to view notifications is also there. The lists you have made on your Facebook account are also accessible with this awesome app.

In short, it is the full feature Facebook app for Windows 8. You can download Facebook Touch for Windows from the link below.

2-      MINE for Facebook

MINE for Facebook for Windows 8

MINE for Facebook is another client app for Windows 8 which offers some good features. Although, the app doesn’t provide full features like page viewing and group visiting but, still some of the its features are worth using.

The main page of the app doesn’t show newsfeed items like other apps instead, you just see the notifications and three newsfeed options. The app lets you make customized newsfeed items with selective Facebook friends which lets you keep updated with all the latest updates from your friends. Other features include status updates, like/comment on newsfeed items as well as viewing the notifications.

MINE for Facebook is available for download from Store for free using the link below.

3-      Facebook lite:

Facebook lite for Windows 8

Facebook lite for Windows 8/RT is another client app which brings most of the features of Facebook to the new Windows 8. The best feature of the app is the newsfeed view which can be changed from tiles view to list. Other options include newsfeed, comment or like on newsfeed items and there is also a photo viewer to view photos. You get the main controls like the notifications, messages and home on the top bar which remains there throughout the apps. You can also view the pages and groups in the app.

The option to post status updates and photos to your personal profile is also there. You can chat with your Facebook friends as well.

Well, these were the 3 top and best Facebook client apps which will surely help you get the most out of Facebook without even going to the web browser.

Like another Facebook app? Share with us using the comments below and we might add it to our future lists.


Ahmad Wahid

Being a University student of computer, has developed keen interest in technology and like to test out the new gadgets. His interests include Social Networking as well.