3 tips to ensure successful upgrade to Lumia Denim firmware on your Windows Phone 8 device


Microsoft has finally started to roll out the Lumia Denim firmware to Lumia devices around the world in different countries for both unlocked country variants and carrier locked devices. Although, Lumia Denim roll out will take some time to complete for all the Lumia devices around the world but, you must make sure you device is ready to be updated to latest firmware and OS version once it is ready for your Lumia device.


We have compiled a list of 3 best tips to make sure that your Lumia device is ready to be updated to latest firmware once the update is released for your Lumia device.

#1 – Free up enough space

Lumia Denim firmware will require at-least 1GB of free space on the internal storage of your Lumia device. If you happen not to have 1GB of free space on your Lumia device then, you might want to free enough space by following the 3 steps:

  • Move apps from internal memory to SD Card. You can follow instructions here to know how to move apps between internal memory and SD Card
  • If you phone doesn’t support SD Card then, you can try deleting some unnecessary apps, photos and videos from your phone or simply take backup to OneDrive which might help you free enough space
  • Copy files from internal storage to SD Card by using the ‘Files’ app or by taking backup to OneDrive

#2 – Connect to a Wi-Fi connection

Lumia Denim firmware is around 200-400MB in download which means you will need a good Wi-Fi connection to download the firmware on your phone. 3G of 4G networks might not be useful when trying to download the Denim firmware as the Windows Phone doesn’t support downloading firmware on cellular networks.

#3 – Charge your phone’s battery

It is better to charge your phone’s battery to at-least 80% so your phone won’t die during the update process since, installing the update can take a lot of time. It is also recommended that you turn on the Battery Saver on your Lumia device to make sure the other processes on your Windows Phone don’t consume battery while you are downloading the update. Following the instructions in this article to know the tips for battery conservation. Better safe than sorry!

#4 – Bonus, wait for the update

If the update has arrived for your Lumia device then, you can start installing it right away but, if the update is not yet available on your Windows Phone then, you might have to wait a bit. You can always keep checking for the latest updates by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘About phone’ and then, pressing the ‘Check for update’ button. Any available update would be showed right away.

Well, the above tips are just the pre-requisites for the upgrade to Lumia Denim and you might want to follow them to get the experience of Lumia Denim on your phone.

We will keep you updated with the availability of Lumia Denim firmware once it is released for different Lumia devices.


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