3 best yet free Photo/Camera apps for Windows Phone to capture breath taking photos


Windows Phone devices specifically the Lumia devices by Microsoft, formerly Nokia, are well-known for their photography capabilities and the third party developers are also introducing special capabilities in their photo apps to take advantage of awesome camera algorithms of Windows Phone.

Nokia, now Microsoft, has dedicated apps for Lumia devices in Windows Store which lets you get the most out of your phone’s camera but, third party developers are also making their apps better by providing unique and interesting features.

Although, there are dozens of awesome apps in Store for photography and to be used as camera but, we will be taking about the 3 best apps for Windows Phone 8.1 which provide the most unique features and still are free for download.

Let’s start from the apps on top going towards the third one.

#1 – Nokia Camera

Nokia Camera which would be renamed to Lumia Camera in the upcoming firmware, Lumia Denim for Lumia devices, is probably the best camera app in Store. This awesome camera app includes all the features of a good camera software from digital SLR where you can control different aspects of your photo.

Nokia Camera lets you control the focus, white balance, ISO sensitivity, shutter speed and brightness/exposure where you can use the sliders to adjust each individual aspect of your camera to get the most out of your camera and get ultimate photos.


You can also capture videos from Nokia Camera with basic controls like white balance as well as focus control. You can also capture smart sequence which takes a couple of photos in a period of few seconds and automatically chooses the best shot whereas, you can also select your desired shot easily like motion focus, action shot and remove moving objects.

You can adjust your settings as per your needs to get awesome breathtaking photos. I personally use the Nokia Camera photo to take awesome photo like you can see below; rain drop macro was shot using the manual shutter speed and the exposure time in low light – Post video editing was done only in PhotoShop Express app for Windows Phone.


Download Nokia Camera

#2 -ProShot

This awesome camera app for Windows Phone provides far more-better features than Nokia Camera but, its hidden controls are probably one of the reason for its second place. Proshot lets you get full-DSLR like features including ones from Nokia Camera and additional features like HDR, time lapse photos, burst mode and self timer etc but, finding these features might be difficult for people who prefer easy-to-use buttons and sliders for controls.


You get manual controls for photos like filter, exposure, saturation, sharpness, size, ISO, shutter speed and white balance etc which are all available in manual control. You can also add your own modes and save them for future with custom settings.

HDR aka high dynamic range is also available in ProShot where you can select the number of shots, exposure for HDR and delay between individual shots. You can also select the filter for HDR, ISO and white balance which will result in awesome shots from your Windows Phone – expect more about HDR in future.

Additional features like time lapse photos where you can take shots after select interval of time for specified period and the burst shot where upto 8 photos can be taken seamlessly in seconds is also available. You can also select focus mode from auto or manual and exposure values in this app.

Download ProShot

#3 – FhotoRoom

This awesome app for Windows Phone is the Instagram for Windows Phone but, with better camera controls. You can choose and select from different photo modes including Macro, Scenic and Portrait etc which will automatically adjust the camera for that mode.


You won’t get the pre-capture features similar to the Nokia Camera and ProShot e.g. manual focus, shutter speed and exposure control etc but, you get awesome post-editing stuff in photo room.


You can choose to add filters, adjust exposure, light levels, saturation and many more in the post-editing process. You can also choose from different presets for photos, add frames and other pro stuff like hue, tilt shift and double exposure etc. HDR effect is also available but, it’s only in the pro version.

Download FhotoRoom

Well, the above apps were one of the few apps from Store which are best for photography on your Windows Phone device.

So, which app do you use or will be using the most to capture shots? Share your thoughts with us using the comments below.


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