3 best tips to significantly INCREASE BATTERY life on your Windows Phone 8.1 device for few hours


Windows Phone 8.1 and Cyan update for Lumia devices have significantly increased the battery life of Windows Phones but, some people are still complaining about poor battery life on their phones.

Battery timing on mobile devices like Windows Phones depend on a lot of features including the condition of your phone’s battery, phone usage, apps running in the background and battery savers options. Other factors like your cellular network whether its 2G, 3G or 4G will also effect your phone’s battery life.

If you are one of the people who are complaining about poor battery life on your Windows Phone device after upgrading to Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan update then, the following 5 tips will be helpful for you to juice more life out of your phone’s battery.

#1 – Use Battery Saver

Windows Phone includes an awesome feature to help save battery on your devices. Batter Saver helps you conserve battery and extend the overall battery backup for few hours.

I was able to get upto 4 hours extra backup on my Lumia phone (refer the next two’ before and after screenshots below) after turning on the Battery Saver whereas, the Battery Saver app showed 3 hours of additional time.

 Windows-Phone-8.1-battery-time-without-battery-saver Windows-Phone-8.1-batter-time-with-Batter-Saver

You can go to ‘Settings’ > ‘battery saver’. In Battery Saver, go to ‘settings’ tab and turn on ‘Batter Saver’ by moving the switch to right.

You can also select different battery saver options like ‘When battery is low’ which turns the Battery Saver on when your battery levels reaches below 20%. Similarly, you can turn it on till the next charge or for ‘always’.

Note: Selecting Battery Saver for ‘always’ or ‘until next charge’ may restrict some apps from working in the background including Cortana.

I always use ‘Now until next charge’ option whenever I don’t have charger access and want to get more battery life which always gives me a couple of more hours in battery backup.

Tip: Don’t forget to turn on the Battery Saver again once you connect your phone with a charger since, Batter Saver turns it off by using the until next charge option and once you connect a charger to your phone.

#2 – Restrict background apps

Windows Phone OS consumes very less battery in gernal but, it’s the background apps that start draining your battery very fast. These apps, if don’t configured correctly, might drain your battery in a couple of hours.

Simply go to ‘Settings’ > ‘battery saver’. In Battery Saver, go to ‘usage’ section and see the apps which are taking too much battery e.g. in my case, ‘Cortana’ and ‘Internet Explorer’ were the top ones in battery consuming apps.


Tip: You can also see which apps can run in the background by pressing the option (refer the screenshot below) and selecting ‘show apps that can run in the background’.


You can here select which apps you don’t want to running in the background. Press any app you won’t want to run in background.

App options will open. Here you can select whether the app can run in the background or not.


Note: Restricting apps from running in the background may result in the improper functions of some apps. Select carefully what can run in the background and what can’t.

#3 – Turn off unnecessary services

Other services like 3G/4G data connection, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth etc can also result in more-consumption of your Windows Phone’s battery.

You can also adjust your phone’s screen brightness which can prove to be very useful since, screen is one of the top battery consumption service. It is recommended that you use ‘automatic’ brightness control to get better batter timing. Automatic brightness is so effective that it decreases the screen brightness so-much that it can’t be achieved with manual brightness controls.


Automatic also makes sure you get sufficient brightness depending on the conditions i.e. Your phone will increase the brightness outdoor or in places where light intensity is high to provide better reading experience on your phone. It automatically decreases the brightness once you get to dark places.

Note: Some latest Windows Phone devices like Lumia 530, 630 and 635 doesn’t come with automatic brightness feature due to the lack of proximity sensor. You can manually adjust your screen brightness depending on the conditions to get better life.

Well, the above 3 tips were the most successful ones in getting more juice out of your Windows Phone’s batter. Were you able to improve the battery life on your Windows Phone device?

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