3 best and must have games for Windows 8/Windows RT available in Store


Gaming in Windows 8 or Windows RT and its new Metro Modern interface is more fun as compared to the desktop. Windows Store for Windows 8/Windows RT is getting the largest number of games and till date there are over 950 games. Having a lot of games doesn’t mean that they are the best.

Although, most of the games in Windows Store are interesting and must play ones but, they aren’t that awesome to be categorized in the best apps category. But, don’t worry, here we will be presenting the 3 best games which are also must play ones.

All three of these games are available for both Windows 8 x86 and Windows RT and if, you bought a Surface recently then, you will love playing games on the your new Surface tablet.

Let’s start from game on the third place.

3- Cut the Rope:

If, you are Android or iOS user then, you might be familiar with the famous Cut the Rope.

A mysterious package arrives at your home and on opening it; you find that it has a small cute monster named as OmNom. OmNom is always hungry and eats candies. Your task is to feed candy to OmNom.

Feeding candy to OmNom seems simple enough? It isn’t! Because, the candy is often hanging with a piece of string in the air and there are many obstacles between OmNom and the candy. You have to get the Candy to OmNom without colliding with any obstacles.

 You have to get the candy to OmNom by cutting the string with a swipe or mouse drag gesture. You get hundreds of different gameplay levels to play from and you have to finish each to get to the next one.

Cut the Rope is available in Windows Store for free but, you will get 25 free levels and rest you will have to get for $4.99 which also includes the future updates.

You can download Cut the Rope from the link below.

2- Fruit Ninja:

Want to be a Ninja? Fruit Ninja brings out the Ninja inside you and makes you to cut the fruits like a Ninja.

This game has also been on mobile OS like Android and iOS for a time now. It has been on the Windows Store for about three months and it is one of the most selling apps on the Windows Store.

You get different fruits to cut like Apples, Strawberries, Bananas, Melons, Peaches and more. Cutting the fruits in a row score more and cutting the same fruits in a row score even more.

You get three different modes to play from including the Arcade, free and Zen mode. Each mode offers different game play experience.

You can unlock different things in Fruit Ninja like new swords and backgrounds. You also get the options to connect Fruit Ninja with your Xbox live account to unlock achievements and compete with your friends.

Fruit Ninja is now available on Windows Store for free but, you would need to pay $4.99 for the extended version.

You can download Fruit Ninja from the link below.

1- Angry Birds Space:

Angry Birds are now slinging their way to Windows 8 to take on the pigs. The birds are going to Space after the pigs and they have to face the difficulties like zero gravity and new terrains on different planets including the Mars.

Angry Birds Space is the latest version of game from Rovio. Angry Birds Space offers new game play levels and new birds are also available like the snow and flash one.

Angry Birds Space for Windows 8 now features the integration of Xbox live achievements and you can also share and compete with your Xbox live friends.

It is available for Windows 8 now and can be found in Store but, you will have to pay $4.99 for this awesome game.

You can buy Angry Birds Space from the link below.

So, which game do you like? Let us know in the comments below.

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