25 best Windows 8/RT apps to get started with your new Windows 8 devices


Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja of Windows 8

Windows 8 is not just designed for productivity but, gaming on Windows 8 is also very fun. Whether you are using a touch screen device like Surface, a laptop with touch pad or a desktop with mouse and keyboard, this awesome game will entertain you everywhere. Fruit Ninja is a game where you get to know the ninja inside you. You have to slice fruits with blade controlled by your mouse or finger on touch screen. Slice more fruits together and you will get more points but, beware of the bombs which will destroy all fruits on screen. You also get to choose from different blades and backgrounds to make the gameplay experience better. You can choose from different gameplay levels and special powers are also there.

Angry Birds Star Wars:

Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows 8

Angry Birds have now flown to space and changed their costumes to Start Wars characters to save their friends from pigs. They now have Star Wars powers and their enemies, the pigs also have changed. They don’t have to face the zero-gravity everywhere but, the pigs have become cleverer. You have to save your friends by slinging and charging with new birds and new powers.

iStunt2: iStunt 2 for Windows 8

Do you love ice skating? Ever wanted to play during ice skating but, couldn’t do that? Now is your chance to get your inner player out. This awesome ice skating game will keep your adrenaline high. You can perform different feats on ice and collect points to get to next level. There are some obstacles to make your skating a challenge which can be dodged by jumping, lowering or by flipping. You can also customize your players and their skate boards.

Photo Studio Free:

Photo Studio Free app of Windows 8

Do you take a lot of photos with your phones, camera or your tablet? You might also want to do some basic editing on these photos like crop, resizing, color settings, brightness and contrast control etc. This photo editing app for Windows 8 is best for these tasks. The app also lets you add cool filters and effects to your photos to make them look nicer.

Fresh Paint:

Fresh Paint app of Windows 8

You might be familiar with the traditional Paint app which was found in almost every Windows OS since Windows 98 to Windows 8 but, now that Windows has been re-imagined in the form of Windows 8, the Paint has also been re-imagined. The paint app has been named as the Fresh Paint and it has been re-designed from scratch. It comes with support for touch devices and the features of the apps has been improved and some others have been added for the first time. You can select from different brushes, select from custom background textures, the color palette is now more awesome, there are more types of tools and best of all, you can now take photos directly from the app using your device’s camera to edit. There are some pre-made templates available too which are both free and paid depending on your choice.

Reader / Adobe Reader:

Reader app of Windows 8

You might want to read PDF documents but, the good news is that Windows 8 comes with a built-in PDF viewer by Microsoft which will open your PDF documents right in the new interface of Windows 8. You can search for documents and select from different layouts.

Adobe Reader app of Windows 8

If, you like the famous Adobe Reader then, this app is also available for download from Store. You will get the option to view PDF documents and select layout. The option to search is also there. But, you will have to make this PDF viewer the default app to always open the documents in this app by following the tutorial here.


Nook app of Windows 8

This amazing app by Barnes and Nobles will help you keep up with your reading habits. With Nook for Windows 8, you will get all your bought books right on your Windows 8 tablet and the app doesn’t provide the reading capabilities in simple ways, but the interface of the app is just awesome. You can select from different reading layouts, bookmark to read it later, search for your desired chapters and add comments. The built-in store will also let you buy new books right within the app which would also be synced to your Kindle.

EBay / Amazon:

EBay app of Windows 8

Amazon app of Windows 8

You might be considering to buy something online but, don’t want to go to browser to buy your desired things? These two shopping apps for Windows 8 are here to help you. EBay and Amazon; both have their own official Windows 8 apps which would let you perform all tasks which you could do on browser. You can sign to your accounts, search for things and buy them also.

Star Charts:

Star Charts app of Windows 8

Ever imagined how many stars are out there in our solar system? This awesome app can help you find the answers. You can view the stars in our solar system, view the complete asteroid, planets and other bodies in our solar system and you can also view the horoscopes associated with each of them. You just don’t get the capability to view stars, planets and other bodies in Solar System but, you can view complete information about them including their moons, their diameter, distance from Sun, distance from Earth, their duration of one rotation around Sun and many more. There are some interesting videos also to help you get updated with the planets and stars out there.


WinZip app of Windows 8

Ever wondered, how you can zip, compress and unzip files with Windows 8? The popular compressing app is now available in Store for download. You can compress, decompress, zip and unzip files right in the new interface of Windows 8. You can also share your files directly from the app with your friends using the Share charm of Windows 8.

YouTube / Vimeo:

YouTube app of Windows 8

Vimeo app of Windows 8

Want to watch the videos online? These two apps from popular video sharing sites will help you. Although, an official YouTube is not available but, the YouTube download app will help you search and watch your desired videos. You can also download the videos in different qualities. The Vimeo app is an official one and provides all capabilities from viewing, searching and uploading. Yes, you can upload to Vimeo directly from the app using your account.

News / SkyNews:

News app of Windows 8

SkyNews app of Windows 8

Want to get updated with the latest happening in your city, country or around the world. The News app which comes pre-installed in Windows 8 is your primary source of latest news from around the world. The official SkyNews app will also keep you updated with all the latest news from around the world. You can read news right in the apps and select from different categories like entertainment, news and tech etc. The News app also shows videos on news where available.


Weather app of Windows 8

Windows 8 also comes with pre-installed Weather apps which keeps you updated with all the latest weather conditions from your desired cities. The app will track your location on the very first launch and will keep showing the weather conditions on the live tile of app. You can view hourly forecast, historical weather and rainfall/snow and sun timings also.

Khan Academy:

khan Academy app of Windows 8

Want to learn something about your school, college or university lessons? Need help with any of your assignment? This helpful app is here to help you out. The popular education site, KhanAcademy.org now has an official Windows 8 app. You can view all their lessons in the app and search for your required ones. There are video lessons in every subjects of education from science, physics, chemistry, psychology, biology, mathematics and hundreds more.

Well, these were the best and must have apps to get you started with your new Windows 8 PC. Like some other app? Mention it the comments below and we may add it to our future must have apps list.

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