25 best Windows 8/RT apps to get started with your new Windows 8 devices


Did you buy a new Windows 8 or Windows RT PC/tablet on these holidays? There are many Windows 8 devices out there to buy like Surface tablet, ultra-books and laptops. If, you bought a new Windows 8 device then you might be looking for the best and must have apps to get started. These 26 must have apps will surely get you started with Windows 8/RT tablet or desktop/laptop.

First thing you might want to do with your Windows 8/RT PC after buying is to install new apps. Well, Windows Store is here to help you with over 32,000 apps and more being added daily. A lot of apps mean more difficulty to choose the best apps but, don’t worry we are here to help you choose the best Windows 8 apps to get started on your brand new Windows 8 PC.

Below are the 26 must have and best apps available in Store which everyone should try. The apps have been selected specially to help you get started with your new Windows 8 PC and will cover each and every category from games, entertainment, social, education, news and productivity.

Here are best yet must have apps for Windows 8 which I think you will love after installing and all of them are available in Store for download.


Mail app of Windows 8

Mail app of Windows is the centralized hub for all your emails from different accounts like Microsoft accounts, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange and any other account which supports IMAP and SMTP support. Mail will keep you updated with all the latest mails from all your accounts at one place. It comes pre-installed in Windows 8.

Yahoo! Mail:

Yahoo! mail app of Windows 8

Although, Mail app of Windows 8 shows the mails from your Yahoo! account as well but, this dedicated and official app by Yahoo! seems like the web interface. The app works in the similar method just like the web mail works and you can read and create mails from that app too.


People app of Windows 8

People app is the social hub of Windows 8 which comes pre-installed in Windows 8. It shows all the information from your social accounts. You can view your friends from Facebook, your Twitter followers and Linked-in friends. You can also view the complete contacts list of all your accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, Exchange, Yahoo and many more. You can like and comment on Facebook, tweet, re-tweet and favorite on Twitter as well as view your Facebook and Twitter timelines/news feeds.


Facebook Touch app of Windows 8

This dedicated Facebook is the primary and probably the best Facebook client app of Windows 8. Since, there is no official app by Facebook for Windows 8, you will have to use third party apps. But, this app is the best one out there with almost all features of official apps and touch friendly interface. You can view notifications, chat with your friends, view newsfeed, view photos and like and comment on posts. You can view groups and pages. In short, it provides all the features of an official Facebook app.


MetroTwit app of Windows 8

Windows 8 doesn’t have an official Twitter app for now but, there are some good Twitter client apps in Store which works pretty well. MetroTwit is the best one out there. You can tweet, re-tweet, reply and favorite tweets. The options to add custom profiles to your timeline and messaging support is also there. You can add custom lists to get tweets from them and use multiple accounts at once.

Xbox Music/Video:

Xbox Music app of Windows 8

This awesome Music app is the first and probably the best music app for Windows 8. It comes pre-installed in Windows 8 and has all features of a good media player app. You can listen to your songs, save them on cloud for future play on other devices and add playlists to cloud so that the selective songs play on other devices. This awesome app also provides the option to view and listen to more popular albums in the world. You can search and buy any songs for future listening. The built-in music store lets you buy songs without leaving the app. You can also play songs for free an add-supported environment which otherwise can only be played for 30 seconds.

Xbox Video app of Windows 8

Xbox Video also comes pre-installed in Windows 8. It is your primary source of video playback and just like the Xbox Music app, its lets you buy videos from built-in Store. You can also download TV shows using the Xbox Video app for Windows 8.


Messaging app of Windows 8

Messaging app for Windows is your primary messaging app of Windows 8. It comes pre-installed in Windows 8 and lets you chat with your loved ones whether they use Facebook or messenger.


Skype app of Windows 8

Skype app for Windows is your primary source of calls around the world. Designed specifically for Windows 8 tablets and laptops, this awesome app has almost all features which could be found in the desktop app. You can talk with your loved ones and can talk with them via Voice call or use video calls to get in front of each other. You can also send messages. Skype for Windows 8 comes with a special feature. The app keeps running in the background without draining your device’s battery and still, you will receive messages and calls from your friends and loved ones on Skype.


Google app of Windows 8Bing app of Windows 8

You might want to search on internet for something but, you don’t have to use a browser to search on internet. The popular search engines like Google and Bing now have their own dedicated apps to help you search internet using Windows 8. You can search for web pages, images or anything else using these two apps.


Maps app of Windows 8

Want to get somewhere and can’t find the way to go there? Use the Maps app by Microsoft which comes pre-installed in Windows 8. This app uses the maps technology by Bing and you can look any location in the world in aerial view or look for turn-by-turn directions to get there.

GMaps app of Windows 8

Don’t like the Bing maps? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with the best maps service. Google Maps may not have official Windows 8 app but, this client app works just fine. You can look for any location in the world and select the viewing style from different options like aerial, bird’s eye view and maps etc. You can also get turn-by-turn navigations in that app.


SkyDrive app of Windows 8

You might be familiar with cloud storage and its features of data availability anywhere. The popular cloud storage service by Microsoft, SkyDrive comes pre-installed in Windows 8. The app lets you store data to SkyDrive for access later from anywhere from any devices. You can also view and download the data stored on SkyDrive using that app.

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