Although, there are many utilities available which can bring the Start Menu back in Windows 8 but, not all of them are best and have all features. Selection between lots of utilities can be very difficult and can results in selection of one without major features. But, don’t worry, we are here to how can i buy levitra in canada help choose the best utilities to bring the Windows 7 Style Start Menu and button back in Windows 8.

Here are 2 best utilities which provide full Windows 7 features in the Start Menu brought by them.


This utility has almost all the features of original Windows 7 style Start Menu. Start8 provides the following features:

  • Bring Windows 7 style Start Menu back
  • The Start button is also there
  • Launch desktop apps from Start Menu
  • The option to launch Metro (Modern-UI) Windows 8 apps from Start Menu is also there
  • You can customize the Menu style similar to the Windows 7 Start
  • You can disable the Charms Bar and Hot corners of Windows 8
  • The option to boot directly to desktop is also there

Start8 is a paid utility which costs $4.99 but, you can try it on a 30 day trial before purchasing. You can get Start8 from this link (You will have to provide your email in-order to get the download via email).

Classic Shell:

Classic Shell is the generic viagra cheapest utility which can bring any kind of Start Menu in Windows 8. You can select from XP, Vista or Windows 7 style Start Menu or select from different custom ones. You can also select the custom Start button. Classic Shell has the following features:

  • Bring the Start Menu back
  • The Start button is also brought back
  • Use any image as Start button
  • Choose from different Start Menu skins
  • Metro (Modern-UI) Windows 8 apps can’t be launched from Start Menu
  • The option to boot directly to desktop is also

Classic Shell is available for download for free from this link.

Which Start Menu utility do you like?

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  • Alisa Weber

    Classic Shell’s defaults are simple but it’s far more powerful, more customizable and generic cialis cheapest lowest price assistance more full-featured.

  • Duelund

    It is possible to start Modern UI Apps from Classic Shell. you probably just need to enable it.