2 best and must play free ‘car racing’ games for Windows 8.1/RT in Store


Windows Store for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT has undoubtedly thousands of apps with majority of being games. But, Windows Store is still lacking some really good games including some of the most amazing titles from the car racing world like Need for Speed and more.

But, the Store is still getting some games from the mobile racing world which are pretty awesome in game play and graphics. Some of the games are so-addictive that once you start playing them, it becomes almost impossible to stop playing them.


Below are the 2 best yet must play games for Windows 8.1/RT which are awesome in game play with amazing graphic and addictive experience. These 2 games have almost all the features of good games but, they are still free to download.

# 1 – Asphalt 8: AirBorne


This splendid game for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT is probably the best game in Windows Store. With its graphic extensive gaming experience and interesting yet attractive game experience. Asphalt 8 has certainly become our best choice for car racing games, till date.

Asphalt 8 starts its magic right from the splash screen where you start experiencing the adrenaline. Once loaded, you will be showed your current car as well as the game details like multiplayer events (details later), single player games as well as limited time events.

Multiplayer events lets you race against real players in the world who are also playing the game on their Windows 8.1 PC/tablet or on some other device like Windows Phone. The Multiplayer events depends on the availability of the events as well as your points and the car you are driving. Once you qualify to join the event, you are taken to the room where you get to see other drivers, their points and their cars. Once six players join the event, you can finally race against them (in-race experience later).


Single player which is also known as the career gives you a couple of stages with different levels to compete. Each level has different events like Classic, Knockout, Elimination, gate drift and infected. Classic offers simple race through the tracks whereas, knockout eliminates the last racer on the completion of specified time. Elimination is also like knockout but, you get laps instead of time to finish. Infected, as the name suggests, infects the last racer where you have to infect some other race before the time to prevent yourself from blowing out with overloaded infection – this event offers unlimited Nitro for the infected racers to help catch others.

The game also features the multiplayer events based on time and lobby where you can race in time-limited events with specified cars and other multiplayer races by selecting different cars, tracks and then racing against other players. The multiplayer events can only be joined by using the ‘fuel’ which is only available in limited quantity but, it automatically fills up with time.

Coming to the cars in the game, you get almost all the well-known cars from around the world. The cars from regular coupe models, from racing ones to special limited editions can be found in the game. Popular cars like Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, Pagani Zonda R, Koenigsegg Agera R and world’s fastest car Buggati Veyron. There are also some limited edition cars like Mercedes Benz Silver Lighting.


The cars can be bought by using the in-game cash points or you can simply using your credit card to buy specific cars. You can always use the in-game cash to upgrade your car to reach ultimate performance.

The in-race experience of Asphalt 8 seems almost real with extreme graphical details like dirt particles, rain drops and sun glare as well as race track details. You also get the visual damage of the cars which makes this game almost real. Don’t expect it to be as graphical extensive as the high-end games like Forza MotorSports and Need for Speed Rivals since it’s not a console game but, its pretty nice as compared to other Windows 8 games available in Store.

Asphalt-8-AirBorne-for-Windows-8.1---Graphics-2 Asphalt-8-AirBorne-for-Windows-8.1---Graphics-1

You can also use nitro in the game to get-pass your opponents easily but, be aware that speed can be disastrous and you may wreck your car. You get a number of tracks in the game like Monaco, China Wall, French Guiana, Tokya and many more. You can also perform certain in-race feats with your car like rolls, flips and drift to earn more points.



Asphalt 8: Airborne is available in Windows Store for free and has a download size of 1.50GB. It is available for both x86/64 and ARM devices but, you will need a medium-end device to run in smoothly since, it is pretty graphic intensive game.

You can download Asphalt 8: Airborne from the link below:

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne (Windows 8.1/RT required)

# 2 – GT Racing 2


This another amazing games takes up the second spot in our best racing games list due to its awesome graphics and gameplay mode. Similar to the Asphlat 8, GT Racing 2 also features hundreds of cars and tracks with customizations.

You get to race in real-world-based tracks where the terrain and surrounding seems real – not as real as the Asphalt 8. You get to play in two different types of events; Single Player based Campaign and Multiplayer events with players from around the world by joining teams (more about multiplayer later).

Campaign takes you to different parts of the world where you can race to get ranking and coins. The game also features ‘dollars’ which are earned by finishing special milestones in the single player mode. You have to complete a campaign to proceed to the next one but, completing becomes easy with one-time upgrades for your car or by help from your Facebook friends.

The gameplay experience is also similar to the Asphalt 8 but, you don’t get particles and sunshine in it. The game features different weather conditions unlike Asphalt 8 where just one weather and day-time is available. You get rain and sunny conditions as weather and nighttime, daylight and dawn is part of the time which makes the gameplay experience more amazing.

GT-Racing-2-for-Windows-8.1---Graphics GT-Racing-2-for-Windows-8.1---Weather-condtiion

A feature exclusive to GT Racing 2 is the camera view where you get one additional camera view of steering wheel which shows the steering wheel with the hands of the driver on it. By using this view, you can imagine being sitting in the car – not really in an actual car!


GT Racing 2 also features the in-game assistant which talks to you to provide necessary information like your position, car damage and other things – similar to what you will find in real-world racing like Formula 1 and Nascar around the world. The game also shows different driving assistants like steering and braking assistant which brakes or steers your car automatically to get better results – you can always turn this off. You also get the guide lines on the track which shows the best position to speed up and braking by showing different colors like green for speeding and red to slow down.

The cars in the game actually have damage which means you will get visual damage when you hit some obstacle or wall during race. The cars also lose their body shapes like destroyed bumpers and shattered windscreens.


Coming to the multiplayer races, you get to play with players around the world by joining teams. You can always create your own team and invite your Facebook friends with a private invitation or you can leave you team open for everyone to join.

You can always customize your car by installing different parts which can be bought from in-game coins, in-game cash and/or real cash. You can also install one-time upgrades to get better results which will last for one event.


There are hundreds of cars in this game like Buggati, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento and classics like the original Ford Mustang Boss and Shelby GT. Cars can be bought from in-game coins or in-game cash. Elites like the Ferrari 599 and Mercedes Benz SLG AMG are also present in this game.


The game seems better than Asphalt 8 in some of the aspects like teams and upgrades but, it is also missing one of the best feature of racing car games, the Nitro. Yes, you won’t find the option to use Nitro in GT Racing 2 since, it doesn’t have this option. Also, it doesn’t feature the ability of car wreck like Asphalt 8 where a car can get destroyed by many means i.e. hit by other car or by hitting an obstacle or wall.


GT Racing 2 is available for download from Windows Store for free and has a download size of 1.13GB. It is available for both x86/64 and ARM based Windows RT devices.

You can download GT Racing 2 from the link below:

Download GT Racing 2 (Windows 8.1/RT required)

So, which game do you like?


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